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Website which provides helpful tips and tools in Petroleum Engineering. Visit Petroleum Goodies website for more detail.


HNL collections provides Muslim fashions with comfort, elegant and fashionable to wear. HNL collections are made from cotton and spandex Jersey (Korea) and it’s comfortable to wear for everyday use or formal atmosphere. To start shopping click here.

Suaka Elang or “Raptor Sanctuary” is one of the effort to preserve raptor (hawks and their relatives) through the activities of wildlife raptor rescue, rehabilitation and recovery efforts in its natural habitat. Please visit for more details.

Raptor Indonesia is a network and working groups engaged in research efforts and conservation of birds of prey (Raptor) in Indonesia. Founded on July 23, 2001 in Bogor, Raptor Indonesia participated in the activities of the Raptor Symphosium held by the Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network (ARRCN). Please visit for details.

It is a place to learn and play. Designed for children who want to improve their reading, writing, arithmetic using their fingers, or play creatively making discoveries all around us. Happy Kids is supported by Jari Aljabar, Roudhoh, and Sains Kreatif. Let’s learn & play! Please visit for details. is now For more inquiries on web hosting and design please send an email to

Sell goats & cattle for aqiqah and qurban. Serving rice package in boxes & kebuli. Free delivery to Cibinong Bogor. Call 0251 895 8595 / 021 8792 7595 or visit for details.
Health Naturales originated from a desire to give something to the best from nature to beloved ones. Providing organic products such as brown rice, green beans, black rice, substitute MSG from plants, apple cider, red bran, etc. Visit for more information.
High uncertainty factor in an investment project, requires a reliable assessment techniques in helping business practitioners in making investment decisions. Real Options is considered as one of the techniques that can answer the above requirements. provides resources for real options valuation.

The National Forest Programme Facility is a funding mechanism and an information initiative created in response to recent intergovernmental dialogue on forests. is an NGO in Indonesia that support The National Forest Programme Facility.

CopiPanas is a group of professionals in Indonesia who love hiking volcanoes. This website provides all information related to mountain and volcano in Indonesia. Visit for more details. is one option available to answer the challenges that come from the culture of “new”, especially the vigorous attack our children. Expecting their children to learn while their parents religion enough to what they have today certainly is not a solution of the problem.

duniasusu.comSelling various brands of milk with competitive prices. Visit for more information. is sole distributor of Korean Ginseng Tea from Dong Won Co. Ltd. Korea. Go to

Gunung Gede Pangrango National ParkThe official website of Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, located in West Java, Indonesia. Go to provides information related to banking and its technology. Go to

tukangkomentar.comWebsite reviews gadgets, electronic, komputers, etc. that becomes hot products used in Indonesia. Visit the website here.


indohotdeals.comThis website gives you news on deals in Indonesia. Indohotdeals reports the best deals available on computers, technology, gadgets, and other items you want to buy. Each deal we list is by definition the lowest price available on that item from a reputable merchant. Visit the website here.

naturaleshealth.comSell any kinds of food made from organic products. Visit the website here.

okasindo.comProvide general construction works in oil and gas industries. Visit the website here.

amanahaqiqah.comSell meats made from lamb. Visit the website here.

iqschool.orgService Indonesian Moslem Comunity in Houston, Texas. Visit the website here.